A gel bed was originally developed for medical purposes. If you have chronic low back pain, tiredness, neck pain, tired legs or kidney problems, a gel bed may provide a solution.

The gel mattress is filled with a high-quality gel that completely adapts to your body. A gel bed, therefore, offers unprecedented sleeping comfort. The gel used for the gel bed is made of specially prepared polyacrylate copolymers. These spread quickly when water is added. It is even possible to fill the gel mattress for 10 minutes before use and to adjust the stability, also called hardness, of your mattress on site to your wishes.

On a gel mattress, the weight is distributed, so there are no more pressure points. This means that your joints are in a straight line, resulting in a good, healthy night’s sleep.

Advantages of a gel bed

A gel bed has several advantages. Many of these are identical to those of a waterbed. The comfort of a gel bed is characterized mainly by the following aspects:

Less turning in bed

While turning around on a conventional mattress about 80 times a night, you do it on a gel bed less than 6 times a night.

You are longer in deep sleep

The fact that you turn on a gel bed a maximum of 6 times a night, the important deep sleep phase is extended. As a result, your body will recover better and your muscles will be strengthened.

No pressure points

The weight is distributed on a gel mattress. A gel bed, therefore, has few pressure points. This means that a gel mattress provides even pressure, giving your body proper support and good blood circulation.

You have control over the stabilization of your gel mattress

You can change the strength or hardness of your gel mattress, if you wish, by adding the stabilizer or the destabilizer. Salt is added to empty the mattress. Within an hour, the gel turns back into the water and can be pumped out of the mattress.

Do you sweat a lot at night? Then a gel bed is a little less suitable than a waterbed. The latter is easier to keep at a constant temperature. The body heat is stored in a gel mattress. Can you buy a mattress online? Read more to find out.