Over time, your sleep habits may change. For maximum comfort, you will need another mattress to support your new sleep needs. A new mattress made of visco or cold foam, however, usually goes down heavily. If your previous mattress is actually still good, the mattress topper proves to be an ideal and very affordable alternative. With a few simple steps, you can position the topper on your previous mattress and enjoy a more restful and better sleep from the first night. In addition to the price and ease of use, hygienic benefits are of particular interest. A topper for the mattress is very easy to clean and at the same time protects the underlying mattress. This can thus benefit from increased longevity.

For all married couples with a double bed, in which two mattresses are, there is another advantage in that the mattress topper can be chosen so that it creates a continuous lying surface. In addition, of course, the individual benefits are in the foreground: Depending on which mattress topper you decide, you can benefit from an increased Punk elasticity, a more individual degree of hardness and improved support.

The advantages of a mattress topper in detail

  • maximizes sleeping comfort
  • brings more support
  • ensures more point elasticity
  • can change the hardness of the mattress
  • is hygienic and can be easily cleaned
  • spares the mattress permanently
  • can create a continuous lying surface
  • optimizes the entry height of the bed

Who can benefit from a mattress pad?

There are several reasons for buying a new mattress, although the previous mattress is still in good shape. When sleeping habits change, physical problems become noticeable, or the feeling of lying no longer matches your own understanding of comfort, a mattress topper can be a cheap and uncomplicated alternative. A small example can illustrate the reasons for a topper: You work in the office during the day and spend a lot of time at the desk. This can put a long-term strain on your spine, shoulder-neck area, and joints. In this case, it is necessary to provide optimal support for your spine and joints with a customized mattress at night.Find the great mattresses on our site.