• Higher lying comfort due to higher point elasticity
  • Higher breathability
  • Free of chemical solvents and plasticizers
  • No chemical plastic odors
  • Sustainable production from renewable resources
  • The energy consumption in producing a natural latex mattress is only a small fraction of that of a synthetic latex mattress
  • Important to know: Even mattresses, in which natural latex is mixed with synthetic latex up to a share of 30%, may still be labeled as natural latex mattresses, although ma can certainly argue about the terminology.

Such sleep underlays can be recognized by the low price – after all, they are by far not as high-quality as these with a score of 100% or 95% natural rubber. So if you really like it, you should refrain from buying a relatively cheap natural latex mattress. Or at least necessarily be advised in the shop.

Coconut in the mattress core

In some natural mattresses, coconut fibers are used. These then form as an intermediate layer between two layers of natural latex the core of the mattress. This middle layer of coconut provides a pleasant sleeping climate because coconut has the following advantages: It is cool, ensures a good air permeability of the mattress and is also very hard-wearing or robust. In addition, it is attributed to a calming effect, which of course cannot be guaranteed. Find the rightmattress firmness for lower back pain from our website.

Straw as a middle class

As an alternative to coconut fibers, straw is also used as the middle layer of natural mattresses. Straw is also considered a material that relaxes our senses, resulting in a peaceful and restful sleep.

The conclusion to the natural mattresses

Natural mattresses are made of (almost) all-natural materials. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also have many properties that positively impact our sleep climate.

The most convincing aspect is that it is free from chemical solvents, and hazardous chemical emissions. When buying, make sure that the natural latex processed into the core of the mattress is made of at least 95% natural rubber – only then will you have a real and high-quality natural mattress at the end.