Advantages of natural latex compared to synthetic latex:

  • Higher lying comfort due to higher point elasticity
  • Higher breathability
  • Free of chemical solvents and plasticizers
  • No chemical plastic odors
  • Sustainable production from renewable resources
  • The energy consumption in producing a natural latex mattress is only a small fraction of that of a synthetic latex mattress
  • Important to know: Even mattresses, in which natural latex is mixed with synthetic latex up to a share of 30%, may still be labeled as natural latex mattresses, although ma can certainly argue about the terminology.

Such sleep underlays can be recognized by the low price – after all, they are by far not as high-quality as these with a score of 100% or 95% natural rubber. So if you really like it, you should refrain from buying a relatively cheap natural latex mattress. Or at least necessarily be advised in the shop.

Coconut in the mattress core

In some natural mattresses, coconut fibers are used. These then form as an intermediate layer between two layers of natural latex the core of the mattress. This middle layer of coconut provides a pleasant sleeping climate because coconut has the following advantages: It is cool, ensures a good air permeability of the mattress and is also very hard-wearing or robust. In addition, it is attributed to a calming effect, which of course cannot be guaranteed. Find the rightmattress firmness for lower back pain from our website.

Straw as a middle class

As an alternative to coconut fibers, straw is also used as the middle layer of natural mattresses. Straw is also considered a material that relaxes our senses, resulting in a peaceful and restful sleep.

The conclusion to the natural mattresses

Natural mattresses are made of (almost) all-natural materials. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also have many properties that positively impact our sleep climate.

The most convincing aspect is that it is free from chemical solvents, and hazardous chemical emissions. When buying, make sure that the natural latex processed into the core of the mattress is made of at least 95% natural rubber – only then will you have a real and high-quality natural mattress at the end.

What is a gel bed?

A gel bed was originally developed for medical purposes. If you have chronic low back pain, tiredness, neck pain, tired legs or kidney problems, a gel bed may provide a solution.

The gel mattress is filled with a high-quality gel that completely adapts to your body. A gel bed, therefore, offers unprecedented sleeping comfort. The gel used for the gel bed is made of specially prepared polyacrylate copolymers. These spread quickly when water is added. It is even possible to fill the gel mattress for 10 minutes before use and to adjust the stability, also called hardness, of your mattress on site to your wishes.

On a gel mattress, the weight is distributed, so there are no more pressure points. This means that your joints are in a straight line, resulting in a good, healthy night’s sleep.

Advantages of a gel bed

A gel bed has several advantages. Many of these are identical to those of a waterbed. The comfort of a gel bed is characterized mainly by the following aspects:

Less turning in bed

While turning around on a conventional mattress about 80 times a night, you do it on a gel bed less than 6 times a night.

You are longer in deep sleep

The fact that you turn on a gel bed a maximum of 6 times a night, the important deep sleep phase is extended. As a result, your body will recover better and your muscles will be strengthened.

No pressure points

The weight is distributed on a gel mattress. A gel bed, therefore, has few pressure points. This means that a gel mattress provides even pressure, giving your body proper support and good blood circulation.

You have control over the stabilization of your gel mattress

You can change the strength or hardness of your gel mattress, if you wish, by adding the stabilizer or the destabilizer. Salt is added to empty the mattress. Within an hour, the gel turns back into the water and can be pumped out of the mattress.

Do you sweat a lot at night? Then a gel bed is a little less suitable than a waterbed. The latter is easier to keep at a constant temperature. The body heat is stored in a gel mattress. Can you buy a mattress online? Read more to find out.

What are the advantages of a Visco mattress?

Visco mattresses are also known as “Tempur mattresses” or mattresses with memory foam. The soft polymer foam inside the mattress was originally developed by NASA, which shows how innovative this technology is. Due to the special composition of Visco foam, it gives way even under slight pressure.

For a dormant body, this means that it can sink into the mattress. This creates a kind of Kuhle that is exactly adapted to the body contours of the lying. In this way, the spine, the joints, and the intervertebral discs are permanently relieved. For restful sleep, this can work wonders. It is for this reason that Visco mattresses have been used for quite some time in the orthopedic field.

What are the advantages of a Visco mattress?

The exact adaptation to the body shapes of the lying is in the Visco mattresses, not the only advantage. The so-called “memory foam” (memory foam) in the core of the mattress reacts to heat, which is why the mattresses are also known as thermoplastic mattresses.

This means that the elastic effect of the foam increases with increasing temperatures, but weakens with cooler temperatures. People who like to sleep in warm rooms can, therefore, benefit even more clearly from the advantages of this special mattress. Another advantage is the absolute quietness with which a visco mattress adapts to the body shape. Sensitive sleepers who are quickly disturbed by noise also benefit in this regard from a memory foam mattress. Good thermal insulation is additionally ensured with Visco mattresses. You can seehow much is a tempurpedic mattresson our website.

The little extra tip: In our assortment, we not only offer complete mattresses with visco foam but also have viscoelastic mattress toppers in our assortment. These visco toppers are positioned on your classic mattress and offer maximum sleeping comfort. The Visco toppers are in a way a smaller version of the Visco mattress and are suitable for those who do not want to buy a complete mattress.

The advantages of the Visco mattress at a glance:

  • adapts perfectly to the body contours
  • works thermoplastic
  • good heat insulation
  • absolute silence
  • Spine, intervertebral discs and joints are permanently relieved

What are the advantages of a mattress topper?

Over time, your sleep habits may change. For maximum comfort, you will need another mattress to support your new sleep needs. A new mattress made of visco or cold foam, however, usually goes down heavily. If your previous mattress is actually still good, the mattress topper proves to be an ideal and very affordable alternative. With a few simple steps, you can position the topper on your previous mattress and enjoy a more restful and better sleep from the first night. In addition to the price and ease of use, hygienic benefits are of particular interest. A topper for the mattress is very easy to clean and at the same time protects the underlying mattress. This can thus benefit from increased longevity.

For all married couples with a double bed, in which two mattresses are, there is another advantage in that the mattress topper can be chosen so that it creates a continuous lying surface. In addition, of course, the individual benefits are in the foreground: Depending on which mattress topper you decide, you can benefit from an increased Punk elasticity, a more individual degree of hardness and improved support.

The advantages of a mattress topper in detail

  • maximizes sleeping comfort
  • brings more support
  • ensures more point elasticity
  • can change the hardness of the mattress
  • is hygienic and can be easily cleaned
  • spares the mattress permanently
  • can create a continuous lying surface
  • optimizes the entry height of the bed

Who can benefit from a mattress pad?

There are several reasons for buying a new mattress, although the previous mattress is still in good shape. When sleeping habits change, physical problems become noticeable, or the feeling of lying no longer matches your own understanding of comfort, a mattress topper can be a cheap and uncomplicated alternative. A small example can illustrate the reasons for a topper: You work in the office during the day and spend a lot of time at the desk. This can put a long-term strain on your spine, shoulder-neck area, and joints. In this case, it is necessary to provide optimal support for your spine and joints with a customized mattress at night.Find the great mattresses on our site.

Materials Used in Specialized Mattresses for Heavy Person

Mattresses play a major role in providing a good night sleep whether its’ for a light person or a heavy person. However, not all mattresses are suitable for heavy persons. There are various mattresses which are renowned as the best mattresses for a heavy person. Some of which are mentioned below:

Ø    Foam:

The mattresses which are made of foam tends to adjust according to your body shape. As a result, it provides support as well as support. It may give support to your back, your hips, your shoulder or somewhere else depending on the type of sleeper you are. Earlier, some foam mattress models were reported to retain heat which was overcome with the use of modern technology. While buying the mattress for heavy person, one must focus on the thickness and support offered by the mattresses.

Ø    Innerspring:

Innerspring mattresses are designed to provide support and are made up of coils such as continuous coils, Bonnel coils, pocketed coils or offset coils. These coils are focused on providing a number of comfort like softness, plushness, firmness etc. Innerspring mattresses are much more affordable than foam and hybrid mattresses but they are not so durable.

Ø    Latex:

These mattress types are made up of either natural latex or synthetic latex or a combination of both. Natural latex mattresses are more durable and they can help to reduce allergies encountered when using a different mattress. Due to the special features incurred, latex mattresses tend to be quite expensive.

Ø    Hybrid:

These mattresses are a combination of all the others. You may purchase a mattress that contains your preference of coils and a range of foam layers. So, you are getting a customizable mattress that suits your needs and desire. Let us take, for example, you choose a hybrid mattress with coils which can provide coolness and support to your sleep. Again, the layers of foam incorporated within can ease pain and pressure which gives you comfort. Since it is a combination of other mattress types, the price tag is quite high.

Get best foam mattress for best comfort of sleep experience

If you are working hard every day and you are not having the perfect relaxing mattress for rest, then it is sure that you might have neck pain or back pain in the future. It is better to have perfect mattress for your rest or sleep. If you will see in the market then you will come to know that you are getting great offer of having best kind of mattress that provides you the best type of comfort for human body. It is the body when it works hard need to have proper rest so that one can stay fresh and fit for next time. Using perfect match of mattress for rest means that you will be taking great care of your sleep with lifetime health. If you are in the search for the perfect match of mattress according to your sleep then you can have the helping hand that is internet.

There are different types of models and designs in the market will make you get disturbed. You will not able to search for the perfect match. It is not possible to search the best mattress because all the manufactures will try to please you to get their mattress. It is not the style or design that is important bets the features of getting best comfortable sleep is all about these types of mattresses. If you need to experience the best sleep that is very comfortable then like thousands of people that are enjoying theory healthy sleep, you can also adopt for the what is a memory foam mattress for your body and sleep comfort.

These types of mattresses are having unique designs and styles. There are different types of sizes available. You have large, extra large medium and small size that are available. The foam that is used in these mattresses is well layered so that the human body can have the best sleep experience. You are also getting great opportunity to experience such foam mattress for 100 days free trial. These types of mattresses are also helping people to have the comfort of neck pain or back pain.

Mattress buying tips for the side sleepers!

People living in the modern civilized world are developing a greater concern towards a healthy living. It is not only possible that a nutritious diet is going to build the human body with all the essential strength and power. Along with it, the living habits also have a great share in turning towards a bright future with a proper health condition. Most of the people have shifted towards spreading awareness about the different mattress models and their suitability. With such vast knowledge, one must get involved to learn certain things which can affect the mattress shopping.

Being an individual, one may sleep on the stomach, right, or on the left side. This reflects a person’s sleeping posture. It has a great impact on choosing a new mattress model. The side sleepers are more concerned about their body to keep in a proper surface during the night. There exists a certain number of factors which are going to affect the decision of the right mattress for a sore back. Such factors are listed below:

The firmness level within a particular mattress

The firmness level lies between a softer version or a medium-softer version. There is nothing about any hard surface which is beneficial for any side sleeper. The traditional models were limited to a certain number of features which made it unhealthier for a human body. The firmness within a traditional model is really high which is acting as a major problem for the sleep quality of side sleepers.

If you want to sink inside a mattress, then a soft-pulpy like surface is an excellent option. When you’re sleeping on your either side, your shoulder and arms are getting the most pressure. To avoid any problem with such pressures, try avoiding a firmer surface. The spine alignment is on the verge of the risk if you keep on resting upon the firmer levels present within the traditional mattresses. Especially, the side sleepers are at high risk.

Invest in a memory foam mattress for the side sleepers

Till now, the best mattress for side sleepers is considered as the memory foam mattress. The properties within a polyurethane foam are unbeatable by any other model for the side sleepers. Though, the hybrid and spring models are also not bad. It is the memory foam which is completely suitable in terms of comfort and softness.